The research group for Phenomenological Psychopathology and Philosophy of Psychiatry seeks to bring phenomenology into dialogue with contemporary psychiatry, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy of mind. Our recent, current, and planned projects address the following inter-related themes:

  • Experiences of depression
  • The nature of grief
  • Trauma and trust
  • Time-consciousness in psychiatric illness
  • Disturbances of self
  • Interpersonal experience in psychiatric illness
  • Thought insertion and verbal hallucination
  • The phenomenology and neurobiology of anxiety

Our overarching aims are to show how phenomenology and psychiatry can interact in ways that are mutually informative and, in so doing, to pursue original phenomenological research. While phenomenological research has many potential implications for psychiatric classification, diagnosis, and treatment, the study of psychiatric illness can make substantial contributions to philosophical discussion of topics such as intentionality, intersubjectivity, perception, belief, emotion & feeling, bodily experience, subjectivity & selfhood, trust, agency, narrative, and time.